What is a harbor?
Where are harbors located?
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A harbor is a body of water on the coast which can be used as a shelter for ships. There are two kinds of harbors: Natural harbors and man made harbors. Natural harbors are geological features created by the natural landscape. Man made harbors are built by man using things like piers.
Harbors are safe places for boats and ships to take shelter from bad weather or any other danger.

Can this Landform be found in Michigan?
Where in Michigan is this landform found?
There are many harbors in Michigan. A few of them are St. Clair Shores Harbor of Refuge, East Jordan Municipal harbor and Lake Erie Metropark Harbor of Refuge.
Give one or two other places on the planet where this landform can be found
Natural harbors can be found in New York City harbor in the United States, Sydney Harbor in Australia and Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
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Southwest Harbor Maine
Southwest Harbor Maine