Nightly Entry Directions:
1. One entry must be written each night.
2. All journal entries must be neat, complete, and on time.
3. All journal entries must begin with the date.
4. Your journal must be written from your turkey's point of view. Pretend you are your turkey. What would your turkey do, think about, say...etc.
5. Your entry should be creative, but sound like it could happen. Think about what your turkey would do at school with you and without you.
6. While you must be creative, please make sure it is school appropriate. (i.e. no blood, guts, fighting, or weapons)
7. Each entry must include a topic sentence that explains what kind of day you had, three or more detail sentences that explain what happened to you, and a conclusion sentence. (at least 5 sentences total)
8.Make sure you are checking your entries for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Dear journal-
I had a very disturbing day. Today, Jacob and I went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Big Boy. I was so excited to go to the salad bar!! Then the most disgusting thing happened. Jacob ordered a turkey dinner for his meal. I was horrified. I'm pretty sure it was my cousin Larry. I am so disturbed, I don't think I will talk to Jacob AGAIN!!!

Dear journal-
I had the saddest day today. First, when I woke up, I realized I had lost my teddy turkey. I looked for him all over my house. Since my house is so small, you'd think I could find it, but no. Next, I went to school with Mrs. Zuhl but she left me in the car and it was freezing. I was in there all day and she forgot to feed me. It was a horrible day. I hope tomorrow is better.

May I come home with you gobble gobble?



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